FURTHER to my letter of a few weeks ago concerning ‘dog fouling’ along Crewe Road in Haslington, the problem still has not gone away.

It is highly probable that the culprit/s do not read the local papers and are unaware of residents’ feelings about this disgusting practice - leaving the dog’s doings on the pavement.

There are signs which can be attached to lamp posts etc, highlighting a fine of £50 but in my opinion, £50 is not a significant enough deterrent.

I was recently in Coventry and noticed a warning notice to dog owners, sprayed on to the pavement.

The fine indicated was up to £1,000.

This quite surprised me, but surely would be a significant deterrent, unlike the £50 adopted around the Crewe area.

Catching people is always going to be a problem, but I would personally like to see much bigger fines and a few cases put through the courts with ‘naming and shaming’ well reported.

Please, if you are a dog owner and still refuse to clear up, just stop and ask yourself “would I like to step in dog dirt and accidentally walk it into my house or car?”

Surely, it would be ‘no’.

Please clean it up each and every time or don’t have a dog.

Richard Robinson