IN the Guardian you reported that South Cheshire College has received an award for, among other things, “installing a secure bike shelter”.

In fact, they have a number of bike shelters dotted around the campus, which is to be applauded. 

However, I am puzzled as to what makes them “secure”.

My son started college this term and decided to cycle there on his first day. When he came out at the end of lectures he found the bike lock he used had been cut through and his bike had been stolen.

He now no longer cycles to college. The bike had been locked up next to the entrance to the main building, but when we enquired about CCTV coverage that might identify the thief, we were told there are no CCTV cameras on the campus.

If South Cheshire College really does want to encourage sustainable travel, then it should address the problems of theft and open access to the campus.

Name and address supplied.