THE article in the Guardian, September 11, about Cllr Jones' ambition to change the local government of Cheshire by reintroducing a single Cheshire County Council is interesting and might have merit.

The article contains little detail and raises more questions than it answers. I don't accept that this should be done just because Mr Jones says it should.

He says almost nothing about what would change and how, benefits would accrue to Cheshire residents other than a suggested £100 off council tax.

Is that just £100 or £100 per year? Even if it is £100 per year, that would represent for me a saving of 4.5 per cent, which is trivial. 

I would be looking for an annual reduction of at least 25 per cent.

In answer to Cllr Jones' question "What do residents think?" I would say that CEC has never really been interested in what residents think, so why should such a question be raised now? 

I think Cllr Jones needs to come up with some very strong detailed arguments, backed up by a really big annual saving in council tax to make his proposal a runner. Otherwise, he should leave well alone.

The current situation might not be perfect but there's no guarantee of perfection, or even improvement, in this proposal.

R Havenhand Nantwich