THE Tories have been boasting about the performance of the NHS but official figures paint a different picture.

The reality is one where it is harder to see a GP, many operations are being cancelled and A&E have had their worst year for a decade with nearly one million patients waiting longer than four hours. Mental health services have suffered 20 per cent cuts to funding in many areas.

Labour would invest NHS funds immediately in local care services. For older people, this would make a difference to their ability to stay healthy and independent in their own homes. It would help families struggling with care bills and would take significant and immediate pressure off A&E services.

Under the last Labour Government there was sustained investment in real terms in the NHS. We saw a drastic reduction in waiting list times, investment in new hospitals and primary care centres, and many more doctors and nurses trained.

As a specialist at our local hospital, I saw the huge benefits nationally and closer to home. New Primary Care Resource Centres providing a wide range of services were set at Eaglebridge in Crewe, Church View in Nantwich, Rope Green in Shavington and Ashfields in Sandbach, with a state of the art treatment centre built at Leighton Hospital.

Under Labour you will have timely GP access. We will have a National Health Service based on the principles of co-operation, care and compassion and we will repeal the Health and Social Care Bill introduced by the Tories.

Under Labour, the NHS, one of the greatest achievements of our nation, will be secured for us and for the generations to come.

Dr Adrian Heald Jubilee Gardens