In last week’s Guardian, May 1, D Hughes wrote the same letter that he had written to another local newspaper and his facts are all wrong.

He claims Crewe town council are in the Municipal buildings, they are not.

He claims the town council put up the “Welcome to Crewe” signs, they did not, Cheshire East Council designed and erected the signs.

He claims Clr Roy Cartlidge approved the demolition of the black and white building on West Street, he did not, he campaigned to keep it or have it moved to another location.

He claims this town lost most of its historic buildings during Labour’s time in Crewe.

He will find that most of our historic buildings have disappeared after Gwynedd Dunwoody passed away.

He claims that Pete Waterman had to run and invest in the Crewe Heritage Centre, he has had nothing to do with it for many, many years.

In fact, he has been holding back the development of the Heritage Centre. I agree that it does need much more backing from the Town Council and Cheshire East.

The one thing he did get right is the destruction of the Earl of Crewe. Where next is Mr Hughes going to send the same letter?

KC Crewe