I AM proud that our hospital is based in my ward. For years my father worked as a hospital porter and relied on buses to get to there.

I am a big supporter of HS2; 20,000 new jobs and a transit link to the Bentley factory via the town centre and a new station. More trains to Nantwich, a new station at Middlewich; connectivity all round.

The council’s plans for a new station include a new start for the whole of Crewe but let’s not forget the hospital; there are 3,000 staff and thousands of visitors.

Recently, some bus companies have cut the number of buses to the hospital, particularly the early mornings and evenings, making it difficult for those who work there and those who visit.

Leighton Hospital needs a new bus hub to connect all parts of Crewe to the hospital, which would allow for more frequent buses. I believe that we also need a multi-storey at the hospital to ensure there are enough parking spaces for visitors and to keep nearby streets free from the overflow parking.

In the council proposals, I have seen they include a new bus hub to the university, the town centre and we must ensure the hospital is connected too. I am all for improving the roads and a new Sydney bridge, a new station and the growth that brings. More cycle ways and more buses and needed to too so I will ask the developers around the hospital to provide new bus and car parking solutions.

Clr Derek Bebbington Leighton Ward Cheshire East Council