IT was refreshing to see a letter from someone who is proud to live in Crewe and sees the positives. Like Dee Hunt, I was not born in Crewe, but have lived here for 10 years. Yes, there are plenty of areas which need improving, and there are times when I despair.

However, rather than complaining, why don’t people take it on themselves to show pride in where they live? It costs nothing to clear the rubbish up from outside your door, nor much money to pot up a few flowers.

I am the co-ordinator for Crewe Clean Team, and all our members want Crewe to look nice and will give up their own time to improve the look of the town.

There have been many complaints about the new ‘Welcome to Crewe’ Town Council signs. Again a positive step has been met with opposition.

I think the signs are rather nice, but would look better if the ones situated on verges could be underplanted. Why not see if shops would provide plants for this and then see if the public would undertake the planting and subsequent maintenance?

I would be happy to plant underneath the sign in my neighbourhood and tend it.

It is far easier to complain about something rather than to take positive action. A change of attitude is needed for people to see that Crewe is not such a bad place to live.

Margaret Smith Allman Close, Crewe