READING the letters in the Guardian prompted me to respond. Did any writers read the full article? It was Cheshire East Council who designed the Welcome to Crewe signs and place them in all the wrong places not Crewe town council.

It would seem now that the new Bentley showroom is not in Crewe according to the sign on Pymms Lane.

What the writer has spot on is the very shabby and old fashioned state of Crewe town centre. But with the Tory-led CEC unwilling to have any ambition for Crewe there is no hope.

They told Crewe Town Council, who are our elected councillors, that there is no room for them in the Crewe town hall, yet have offered space to the Chronicle newspaper. Crewe urgently needs a new road scheme, ambitious enough to have a flyover from Weston Lane to link up with Dunwoody way, over the railway and a new wide road out the other side cutting through West Street. It also needs an under-cover town centre shopping mall. Demolish all of the old scruffy High Street area and build it there, the existing town centre then needs respectful refurbishment.

Crewe is growing all the time, but with CEC’s interest only in Macclesfield and Congleton, Crewe will die.

I wonder why there is nothing on the stupidly big traffic island on Weston Lane/Nantwich Road/Macon Way to showcase Crewe. Talk about a bland welcome, there should be a big steam engine and a giant Bentley on there.

Kez Challacombe Parks Estate, Crewe