IN response to Dr Adrian Heald’s letter in the Guardian, March 20 might I suggest that he comes down out of the clouds and rejoins the real world and stops thinking like a politician?

If he thinks that HS2 will save this town he is a dreamer. This town has had to suffer at least, a decade of traffic disruption with all sorts of road works at, God only knows, what expense and those disruptions continue; yet the town gets worse.

If this HS2 scheme goes ahead it will cause decades more of worse disruption and if he really believes that Crewe will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, dream on.

I am 71 now and the end results will not affect me but, I have a very long experience of railway work and a large store of knowledge of the history of Crewe. They will end up redesigning Crewe and the millions already spent over the decades will have been wasted including the money being wasted now on, so called, improvements to the town.

All HS2 will provide is a stop to change trains for wealthy businessmen as no-one else could afford to travel on it. If a new rail line could be of use it would need to be a “dedicated freight line” that would only serve centres of businesses such as, manufacturing centres if that idea ever comes back to this country. These lines should then connect to ports and airports.

The only people who will benefit from HS2 are politicians and investors.

The £50 million would be better spent elsewhere. The fastest way to get businessmen around the country is to improve and enlarge the airports outside London, so that more flights can land in the north from around Europe.

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