I was most interested to read Howard Curran’s letter about his father’s riddle, Guardian, March 6 and more importantly the disgraceful state of the pavements in Crewe.

If you walk along Queensway, do so with great care as nearly every slab is loose and sticking up just enough to ensure a trip to A&E.

There is no lighting at night and you may be assured of a long wait when you reach Leighton Hospital as others will have doubtless discovered the hazard before you.

Cheshire East Council should inspect this appalling state of affairs and then apologise to local residents for reducing our town centre to an obstacle course.

If Mr Curran wishes to see a well maintained town he should visit Macclesfield, no problems there, plenty of funds available from the council tax of Crewe residents. The abolition of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council and replacement with Cheshire East needs to be reversed immediately.

Crewe council tax-payer